Fine art prints to transform your space into a peaceful oasis.
The growing problem every year is the impact of stress on lives. In the 21st Century, busy people living in the city are spending more time commuting, working long hours and on digital devices. This is physically and emotionally unhealthy. It leaves us feeling nature-deprived and in need of an escape.
Are you one of those people who dream of spending a week by the beach or a day at a spa in a desperate need to retreat from the stresses of everyday life?
Art is a vital part of creating a nourishing living or work environment because it always changes the atmosphere of the place in which it hangs.
With a few simple keys, you can create a sanctuary in your home or workplace, so you can have your own daily escape and not yearn for that elusive holiday.
Choose from one of the five Inspiring Sanctuary Moods: Wanderlust, Creative, Serene, Energizing, Nostalgic.
Decide on the colour palette for the artwork with guidance explaining which colours are suited to which rooms and moods and why.
Pick a theme or subject for your artwork that is meaningful to you and which suits the mood you have chosen and the room.
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Creating, exhibiting and teaching art and photography has been Bernadette Meyers life passion for the past 25 years, she is the author of Art Equals Happiness. 
She specialises is helping home and business owners to create their perfect escape using beautiful pictures. Her original artwork and limited edition photography prints are in homes and businesses in Australia, UK, Europe, USA and Africa.
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